Levothyroxine or Thyroxine as it is also know is prescribed to treat low thyroid levels. This drug is classed as a general hormone medication. Levothyroxine works by replacing the thyroid hormone when the thyroid gland fails to produce enough.

I have heard that this drug can have side effects, how will this affect my pet?

All medicines have potential side effects but this does not mean your pet has a high risk of experiencing them. Potential side effects may include: excessive thirst, diarrhoea, excessive urination, excessive ingestion of food, fast heart rate, nervousness, excessive panting and weight loss. Contact your vet immediately if your pet displays any of these side effects

Possible drug interactions

Ensure your vet is aware of any other medication you are giving your pet. Drug interaction is not uncommon when two differing medications are prescribed. In this case, your vet will monitor your pet closely and may vary the dose of medication accordingly.

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