Is the Lhasa Apso right for you?

Many people make the mistake of choosing a dog breed purely on the basis of the dog’s physical appearance. Don’t be one of these people! In order to get the right dog for you, you’ll need to take into account all sorts of lifestyle factors. For the Lhasa Apso, the ideal owner is someone who:

Isn’t too athletic, but likes the outdoors

The Lhasa Apso needs an owner who respects his need for outdoor excursions and adventures, yet realises the limits of the breed. Lhasas are not as athletic as a lot of breeds, so they won’t make good jogging partners and they probably aren’t going to need a long distance trek every day. However, dogs are dogs! The Lhasa still needs exercise to keep him trim and healthy. More importantly, he needs an interesting, exciting lifestyle which can really only be achieved with plenty of varied walks. Lastly, if you want a dog that you can take hiking, running and swimming you are probably better off looking for a different breed.

Has plenty of time for grooming and enjoys the process of pampering

If you have a busy social calendar and you aren’t at home in the evenings, the Lhasa Apso is not for you. Aside from needing a certain amount of human companionship (as all dogs do), these little dogs need to be groomed every day, which can be time consuming if you have allowed the hair to grow long. It also helps if you enjoy this grooming time rather than seeing it as a chore. After all, it’s a valuable time to bond with your dog and to keep a close eye on his general health while you’re at it.

Doesn’t want a typical lapdog

If you’re expecting a Lhasa Apso to be meek, mild mannered and docile, think again! These dogs are alert, intelligent and like to be where the action is. They can be trained to keep still and be groomed on your lap, but they will also always want to find interesting smells and activities to keep them occupied. In fact, it si said that they have quite a big personality for such small dogs!

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