How to keep pets safe this Christmas

6 ways to keep pets safe this Christmas

Christmas is a time for fun, festivities and family. Whether your home is going to be crowded with guests over Christmas or empty because you’ve gone visiting relatives, you will need to keep an extra special eye on your canine or feline friend to make sure he stays out of trouble. Your vet will more than likely not be open over the festive season, so the last thing you want is a kitty or doggy emergency while you’re in the middle of roasting your turkey or opening your presents! Here are some tips to make sure your pet has a safe and healthy Christmas.

1. Make sure your tree is pet-proof

Baubles, tinsel and hanging treats will all be objects of temptation for your pet, especially if you have a cat. Be sure that your tree is completely secured so that if your pet does try to pull at it, it will hold firm instead of falling over. Choose a secure holder for your tree and keep hanging decorations out of reach of pets wherever possible. That way. you’re sure to avoid coming home to a toppled tree or an injured kitty.

2. Keep festive plants to a minimum

Mistletoe, holly and some lilies can be poisonous to your pet. If ingested, these can cause serious digestive problems and in some cases kidney failure. So, either keep these out of reach or choose not to buy them at all this year. Ask yourself which is more important: a decorative home or a healthy pet?

3. Keep treats pet friendly

It can be very tempting to slip your pet a morsel from your plate when no one is looking, but think carefully before you do this! Many human foods are toxic to dogs and cats. If there are children around, make sure they know that your furry friend simply cannot have chocolate as it is toxic. In addition, lots of sweet foods containing an ingredient called xylitol are also harmful for pets to ingest. If you do want to treat your cat or dog, make sure it’s with something suitable for animals that you have bought from the pet shop.

4. Leave the turkey bones out

Dogs just love chewing on bones, but be warned: some bones are too small and can be choking hazards. In addition, cooked bones can splinter and cause an injury if swallowed. Stick to raw bones to be safe, and choose the right size for your dog.

5. Don’t leave candles unattended

Candles can easily be knocked over by the swish of a tail, or an inquisitive nose, so be very careful not to leave them within reach of your pet. In addition, never leave a candle burning in a room unattended.

6. Keep pets indoors for new years

Fireworks are not only very scary for your cat or dog, they can be dangerous if your pet happens to be outdoors with you. So, on new year’s eve its best to leave pets safely indoors out of harm’s way. If you can, leave your animals with a pet sitter who will comfort them if they get frightened by loud noises.

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