Grooming your Lhasa Apso

The Lhasa Apso is a stylish little dog with a gorgeous long coat that needs a fair amount of upkeep to maintain it’s lovely appearance. If you don’t mind taking part in regular grooming sessions, and you enjoy the look of a long haired dog, this could well be the breed for you. Here are some ways you can choose to groom and style your little Lhasa Apso.

Long and lustrous

If you like, you can let your Lhasa’s hair grow to it’s full length for a dramatic and head turning effect. Beware though – its going to take some work to keep it in tip top condition! If you walk your dog in muddy areas, there is a high chance that the fur will trail in the dirt and it will need to be washed more often. You’ll need to spend a certain amount of time brushing and cleaning the fur every day if you choose this style. You also need to think about how the dog is going to feel in warmer weather and whether it will be the most comfortable option for your dog’s lifestyle.

Medium length

Of course, you can still have the elegant look of the long haired Apso without growing the fur full length. It is relatively easy to keep your dog trimmed so that the hair doesn’t reach ground level but it still looks smart and strokable. Invest in a good pair of dog shears and once in a while pay a visit to a professional groomer for the best results. You;ll still need daily brushing sessions and regular trimmings to keep it looking healthy.

Clipped short

If you don’t want to deal with daily grooming sessions, trimmings and trips to the grooming salon, you could always opt for the totally clipped look. This involves trimming the fur close to the skin so that there is no excess fur to deal with. It’s a great option for summer too as it keeps the dog nice and cool in the heat. You can either learn how to clip the coat yourself or simply visit the groomer each time it grows a bit too long.

Top knots and ponytails

If you grow the hair on the head long enough, it can be tied into a cute ponytail, bun or top knot! This look is very endearing, and it has the added benefit of keeping the fur neatly off your dog’s face and out of his eyes.


This might sound like an odd thing to do to your dog’s fur, but many people who show their dogs in the ring swear by it. The method involves spraying on a conditioning treatment, then splitting the hair into sections and wrapping each section in rice paper. The paper sections need to be rolled and tied up in order to stay in place. The beauty of this method is that it keeps the fur clean and tidy so that the dog doesn’t need to be groomed too much. Of course, the wraps need to be changed on a weekly basis to keep things clean and tidy, but it can save owners a lot of time in the long run.

Now that you know some of the possible hair styles for Lhasa Apsos, you should feel a lot less daunted by looking after such a long haired dog. Enjoy your grooming sessions!

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