Enzymes speed up the metabolic rate of most bodily functions, if they didn’t exist processes in the body would occur far too slowly for our bodies to survive. If your pet’s metabolic rate needs to be increased supported your vet may prescribe enzymes. The primary use of enzymes in veterinary medicine is to support the digestion process and reduce inflammation.

Enzymes may also be administered as a supplement to replenish enzymes that are not present in processed pet foods., However, even pets on natural raw food diets may benefit from enzyme supplements if their digestive capacity is weakened.

Are enzymes safe?

Yes, supplementing your pet’s diet with enzymes is very safe, however, because enzymes increase digestion and the rate at in which nutrients are absorbed, it’s possible you pet could gain weight.

Are enzymes a prescription medication?

Enzymes are not a prescription medication, however, we do advise consulting your vet before administering them to your pet.

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