Lhasa Apso dogs - Lhasa Apso dog grooming

The Lhasa Apso has a long double thickness coat and requires a lot of care and time. If they are not groomed every day the coat will matt and knot very easily. This is considered quite normal and acceptable in Tibet as it helped them to withstand the severe weather in the area. The fur on their nose grows upwards and then hangs down when it is longer. The fur on their head should be either tied up or trimmed so that it doesn’t get in their eyes. Also, in hot weather clipping their tummy fur will help to keep them cool. Apart from keeping your Lhasa Apso’s fur in tip top condition, the act of grooming will also alert you to any skin or health conditions in their early stages. Breeders recommend that you don’t groom your puppy Lhasa Apso until it is around 9 months old, or until the full adult coat has appeared.